Commercial Ice
Machine Leasing

Since 1965 we have specialized in commercial ice machine sales and leasing

About Our Lease Program

Our full-service ice machine lease includes the installation of the ice machine, all service, all parts, and all maintenance. There are no other charges. Our ice machine lease allows you to save working capital, fix your maintenance costs, and receive first priority on all ice machine service calls. Use your working capital for items that impact and differentiate your business from your competitors. Our ice machine leasing plan is the best outsourcing model in the foodservice business today. Call or email us for more details.


We Supply Ice Machines For:

Hotel Hospitality
Office /Factory
Convenience Store

We Offer Several Ice Options

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Why lease your next ice machine?

  • Never pay for ice machine service or parts again
  • Receive priority service usually the same day you call
  • Emergency back-up ice provided at no charge if your ice machine is down
  • Never have an ice machine that's too small. You will get equipment that grows with your business

Financial benefits of leasing

  • Lease payments are tax deductible
  • Fixed maintenance costs – you will never pay over your monthly lease payment for your ice needs
  • SAVE the capital investment of purchasing a commercial ice system & put that money toward items that impact your business
  • Our lease program is a service program NOT a finance plan. Our lease will not be added to any existing credit load